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While browsing the online catalog, you can add the products you want to purchase in the shopping cart. To make budgets you must be a registered user and your account must be activated by the administrator of MBA Promo. If you are not registered, you have to register for your account to be activated and to be able to budget the products. After completion, the budget is sent to the MBA Promo that will comply with it.

On the main page of the store, you can see some of the products on display, access the special products, custom products and the online top sales.

Along the web navigation, whenever you want to budget some product, you must click and drag it to the shopping cart that is on the right side. In case of being directed to the product details, just click add and the product is automatically added to your cart. You can change the amount you wish to purchase, recalculate the total value or add the product to your favorites list for later viewing or to make its budgeting.
The customer will receive, by email, the confirmation of the request and will be able to follow it´s progress in the administration area.

To make a budget, use the online store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are not a registered user, click here.

Product Information
The photographs illustrating the products do not enter the contract field and do not replace any contractual commitment by MBA Promo. Moreover, regarding to the data sheets and product descriptions of our partners or suppliers, MBA Promo declines all responsibility regarding the product expected content.

The sales price listed on the site are in Euros. to The values given on the site adds VAT at the prevailing rate by law (20%).

For orders below 150€, and for Portugal, the delivery fees (postage) are charged to the client, and in case of orders above 150€, postage is free. This rule does not apply to the Portugal islands, having always a delivery cost associated. Out of Portugal, delivery costs will be considered on a case by case basis.

The MBA Promo reserves the right to change the prices and the information on services and products.

Budgets through the Simulator Products

The cost for a color printing (up to 10 cm) or full color (articles MB) and the value for transport is already included in the price except in the products with a unit value not exceeding €0.50 for orders equal to or greater than € 150 with delivery in Portugal. The products with delivery time equal or more than 30 days have minimum order quantity and can not be ordered only a piece of paper and printing may not be included (depending on item). You can make the online simulation in either case but later receive a personalized quote.

If in doubt ask one of our accounts through online chat.


The MBA Promo respects the deadlines of a certain request as long as the product have available stock and proof of payment in order to give effect to it.
In the event of the product requested it´s not available in stock, the MBA Promo will contact the customer via email within 15 days from the date of the request, in order to inform the new deadline for delivering the product.

In case there was no forecast of stock of this product, MBA Promo informs the customer and if the customer has already made the payment he can:
  • Replace it with another product
  • Request the refund of value.