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1 to 4 items € 77,84 +VAT € 95,74
5 to 9 items € 76,07 +VAT € 93,57
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€ 77,84 +VAT
Credits:   78
Gross value € 77,84 +VAT
Price with VAT € 95,74
AC Input. Padded Laptop and Tablet Compartment. Padded Back and Shouldr Straps. Cable Included Micro USB, Type C Connection and USB Output;Powerbank, business, backpack in high quality waterproof nylon. Including an auxiliar battery of 8,000 mAh charging capacity and a USB output for total comfort in charging any mobile device. Type C and micro USB dual charging cable included. 2 padded, inside, independent, compartments for laptops up to 17 inches and tablets up to 12 inches. Wide range of inside and outside pockets. Shoulder and back straps with ergonomic padding. The capacities shown in all our external auxiliary batteries are real, all of them incorporating non-recycled, grade A batteries, with a service life of at least 500 charging cycles, and complying with CE regulations. In addition, they are manufactured according RoHS standards, and in compliance with the following safety requirements: Power bank overcharge protection system. Complete discharge protection system, which increases the durability of the power bank. Blocking system to prevent short circuits. Constant charging transfer system, in accordance with the capacity of the target device.